How To: Test Prep

Tests and school can be a harrowing experience for the most diligent students. Avoid last minute cram sessions with a few tried and true tips from the best test pros.

1. Review early and often.

Don’t procrastinate! The most successful students begin studying early to fully understand the information on the test, not just to memorize. Studies show students retain more information when they truly absorb the information compared to those who memorize them. Memorizing can help you in the short term but the information doesn’t necessarily stick around for finals.

2. Time Management.

Write of a schedule and follow it. It may seem simple but creating deadlines and staying on top of projects will prevent any unwanted surprises. By creating personal deadlines for prescribed readings, project time tables, and studying will add efficiency to your life.

3. Get some rest and eat breakfast!

Students perform best after a full night of rest. Grades dictate students who slept for 8 hours received an average of 7 points higher than those who did not. Late night cram sessions are not the most effect route. Similar studies have shown correlating results for student who ate a balanced breakfast compared to those who have not.

4. Stay hydrated.

The human brain consists of 80% of water. Without proper hydration, the human body will start exhibiting symptoms lack of focus, distractibility, fatigue, and headaches. Avoid these potential grade lowering situations and drink 8 glasses of water per day. Students will also perform better in the classroom and retain more information during lessons and lectures.

5. Know when to call for back-up.

Some concepts and ideas may need more attention, even with diligent studies and the hardest working students. Know when to call for help. Falling behind in one concept can turn into climbing a mountain when instructors add new concepts on top of the material the student is struggling with. Math tutoring lessons or physics tutoring lessons can make the difference in a struggling grade and help you master complicated concepts. For one on one, in-home tutoring, call Lessons On The Go. Our experienced teachers address strengths and weaknesses of each student while giving one on one attention. For more information, call 281-401-9580 or see the tutors we offer at