Bring Out The Best Grades in Your Kids!

Help your childrenĀ improve their gradesĀ in school.

Having a personal tutor can help, whether they are struggling in a subject, have poor study habits, or just need an extra challenge.


How Can Private Tutoring Help?

Help With Specific Concepts: When children have slipping grades or when the teacher mentions that they are having trouble mastering certain concepts, a tutor can provide individualized assistance. Some children need the material presented more slowly, while others have a different learning style a tutor can accommodate.

Improve Study Habits: Some children find it difficult to pay attention or manage their time efficiently, which impacts, both ,their school performance and self-confidence. A tutor can help a student become a more confident and focused learner.

Provide An Extra Challenge: Additionally, there are many children who do well in school who simply need or want an extra challenge. Tutoring sessions are a great way to help them prepare for standardized tests, learn subject matter not covered in school, or even develop cognitive skills to teach them how to grasp a greater understanding of what they read.

Regardless of why your child might benefit from tutoring, the individual approach that a tutor can offer will prepare a child to do well in current and future academic endeavors. Lessons on the Go offers tutoring with professional tutors who offer each student an individualized approach to learning. Our staff comes right to your home to work with your child in the way that best suits his or her learning style to meet the goals mutually established for tutoring.

What Lessons On The Go Offers

Our menu of tutoring subjects is extensive. We offer instruction in language arts, math, science, social studies, and more.

  • English and writing: Our services can focus on basic phonics, grammar and punctuation issues, comprehension, and basic to advanced written composition and essay writing.
  • Math: Our services can help K-8 students gain a better understanding and proficiency in basic math skills, or focus on more advanced math such as Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Pre-calculus, Calculus 1, or Calculus 2.
  • Science: Our services can help students better understand general science concepts or gain more proficiency in biology, chemistry, or physics.
  • Social sciences: Our services assist elementary school to college level students gain a deeper understanding of the world in American history, social studies, world geography, economics, and specialized college history courses.
  • Foreign languages: Our services help students studying French master grammar, spelling, writing, reading comprehension, and speaking the language.
  • Other subjects available upon request.


How Lessons On The Go Can Help Your Budding Scholar

Our tutors share a deep knowledge of the subject they teach, a passion for education, and an ability to focus on the individual needs and learning style that works best with each student. Our tutors come to your home for sessions in each subject and we offer convenient packages for the tutoring subjects you need.

Help your children do better in school, perform well on standardized tests, and enjoy their studies more with personalized learning. For more information about offering your children the assistance, confidence, and enrichment they need and desire, contact us at 281-401-9580 or via our website.