How much tutoring does a student need?

There are many factors in which determine how much tutoring a child may need. Some factors could include age, grades, goals etc. Another consideration is the urgency of the student’s need. For example, if you are searching for a tutor to aid with  homework and to move ahead in the classroom, we would recommend starting out with one hour per week. However, if the student is failing a specific subject, he or she may require a minimum of two hours or greater per week. The tutor will be able to assess the amount needed per week. 
Every student is different and so is their response to each subject.  We create a custom, need-based plan from the very first session to set the student up for success. If the student is not being set up for success, the student is being set up to potentially fail. Set your child for success by calling Lessons On The Go at 281-401-9580 or contact us via our sidebar form to schedule one of our professional instructors!