French Language Lessons

The Unexpected Benefits of French Tutoring for Children

It is no surprise that French is often considered the language of love. But that’s not French can offer a person once acquired.

If you are one of the many parents thinking about enrolling your child in private French Lessons, you are in the right place. Below are five critical reasons why teaching your child French can impact their future in stellar, new ways.

For many English speakers, French is one of the easiest skills to learn. Among Spanish and English, French can be learned at a very young age. Because of the parallel Latin roots, French can be better understood by virtually any English speaker who is willing to put in the regular effort. Both French and Spanish are close relatives of Latin, thus making these languages easier to adapt to linguistically. Likewise if you or your kid are already a Spanish speaker, then it often requires very little effort to make the jump to French when ready.

Learning a second language is good for the brain. Like proper hydration and stamina for an athlete, learning French has been a proven benefit for the young mind. It promotes greater problem solving abilities, enhanced memory skills, reading qualities, math skills, and hypothesizing skills. Recent studies have unlocked an overall correlation between learning a second language and intelligence. In order to fully receive these benefits, it is best to teach your child a second language while they are still young.

Stronger global communication skills. French is the only language other than English to be spoken on all five continents, making it highly versatile. By teaching your child French at a young age you could be opening them up to a world of economic possibilities.

Learning French is a hidden economic advantage in the long run.  French is the most spoken language on the African Continent? According to recent statistics, half of the top 10 fastest growing countries in Africa speak French. Around 190 million people speak French as a second language worldwide. An additional 200 million speak it as an acquired foreign language making French alone a very valuable skill to acquire in this ever changing global market.

Cure For Closed-Mindedness. It may come as no surprise that teaching your child French is a great way to expand their internal and external horizons. Studies have shown that when a kid is taught a second language at a young age, not only will they become fearless socially. But culturally as well. Whether French lessons enrich your child’s life by watching French marionette shows, attending French birthday parties, or simply eating traditional French baguettes accompanied by great cheese. Learning French as a second language can be an amazing way to teach your young ones about different people and cultures who do not always live life in the same way as they are used to.