Recital Etiquette


  • Performers should wear comfortable attire. Girls should be weary of dangling, jingling jewelry. Sometimes it can tangle or catch on sleeves or hair during a performance.
  • Remember to practice in your outfit, shoes included. By practicing in the outfit, the student will know the feeling of performing in their attire.
  • Once it is your turn, rise quickly and walk up to the stage. Adjust the bench, pause and collect your thoughts, and begin when you are ready!
  • Performers can bow at the beginning and at the end of the performance. 
  • Arrive early!
  • Please respect the other performers. We ask cell phones and other gadgets be place on slint to avoid interruptions during a performance.

Audience Members

  • Please arrive a little early in order to find a comfortable place to sit.
  • Make sure all your invited guests understand the importance of arriving on time. If they arrive late, it makes it distracting for those performing.
  • Please invite as many friends and family members as you would like! The recital hall has much room, and can accommodate likely as many as you would like to invite. If not, then a standing room only crowd would be a fantastic crowd to have, and a wonderful problem to deal with!
  • Please silence all cell phones and any electrical devices that may produce sound.
  • Do not forget to applaud for each performer. It is a great accomplish for each student!
  • While boisterous congratulations are meant to show support for the performer, it may actually cause unintended problems instead. The best way to show appreciation for the performance is with thunderous applause, and an occasional “bravo” at the end of an especially great performance.
  • Please stay until the performance or event is completely over. Attending a recital so that other families will serve as audience to your student, and then leaving before the other performers have finished is rude, inconsiderate, and unacceptable. If you have other obligations or matters to attend to before the recital is over, please choose a more suitable slot for your child.
  • Also, please do not forget to turn off the flash on your camera. Flash photography can throw a performer of guard. 
  • Have fun! This is a celebration of each student’s hard work! Have a great time and be sure to tell the student how proud you are!