Practicing for a recital at home

Things to practice at home!

Having your child perform “pretend recitals” for you at home is a WONDERFUL way to help them prepare and understand what to expect at the show. Being prepared can help curve and anxiety and nervousness. For our recitals, this is the main sequence for our students. However, the main goal is to make each student comfortable.

  1. From their seat, walk up to the piano or mic, as appropriate. While they are walking, the announcer will be announcing their name and what piece they will be playing.
  2. Place the music on the stand.
  3. Sit and place your fingers on the appropriate keys or strings for the piece. If you are a vocalist, start focusing on breathing.
  4. Perform your piece! If you make a mistake, do not stop and start over. Continue going and pretend it didn’t happen. More than likely, the audience won’t even know or take notice!
  5. When complete, stand up, leaving your sheet music/book up on the stand. Try not to bow with your sheet music in your hands.
  6. Bow or curtsy. Look out at the audience and smile.
  7. Return for your sheet music/book and go back to your seat.
  8. Be proud!


Practicing for a recital at home is a great way to gain confidence in preparation. We do our best to ensure each recital is fun and relaxed so the event is more of a milestone in each student’s life. Our goal is not create a formal, competitive environment that takes away the main purpose for this event, specifically. Recitals should be fun! Practicing for a recital at home can help challenge the student to progress to the next level in their craft. Remember, the most important aspect of performing in a recital is to have fun and to give each student an accomplishment to achieve!