Commonly Asked Recital Questions

What song will my child be performing?
The instructor will work with the student to pick out a recital piece with your child. Generally at our recitals, the pieces are a bit more difficult than the weekly songs they play, due to the fact that they will be working on the songs for 1-2 months (perhaps even longer for our more advanced students). It is important to tell the teacher as soon as you have registered in order to allow the teacher and student the maximum amount of time to work on their piece.


Will my child need to memorize a song?
Since this is usually determined based on the individual student, we believe the student should take whatever action makes the most comfortable. However if the student is very uncomfortable playing without their sheet music, they should be allowed to use it. It is always better to perform with sheet music than to not perform at all or to attempt to perform a piece memorized when you are insufficiently prepared. A positive experience is our goal, regardless of memorization!


Is my child ready to perform in a recital?
They will be if they practice! We strive to make our recitals a positive experience for everyone, including young beginner students. Students as young as 4 years old perform at every recital event! Just keep in mind practice and preparation are very important.

Our goal is for your child to have a positive and encouraging experience, regardless of age or skill level. The teachers will be working with every student to prepare them for the big day. Preparation (practicing) is important to make the student feel ready. If you prepare, you’ll be ready and have a graetexperience.

While this is not a competition and students of all ages and skill levels will be participating, it is appropriate to prepare fully, in order to allow your child to have the best experience possible. This means following the teacher’s practicing instructions and consistent practicing.


What does my registration fee cover?
Unlike many studios, we only charge a recital fee to those who participate. We do NOT charge ticket fees or entry fees. You and your guests attend free of charge. Some of the costs your recital fee helps to cover include: auditorium rental, setup and cleanup, sound system rental, paying a sound system technician, backstage helpers, programs, reception food, and other costs involved in the production of a recital. The recital fees we charge only offset the costs of the recital, they do not cover recital costs completely. Lessons On The Go covers the remaining recital costs.