Company Policies

cancellation policyCancellation Policy

We try to be reasonable and fair with our cancellation policy. We understand life happens. You are free to change your lesson time as your schedule may change. This will be between you and your instructor. When a lesson is canceled within 24 hours of the scheduled time, the lesson credit is considered completed.

This policy applies to instructors arriving at the lesson and the student not being home. In the case of an emergency or sudden situation, please contact the company as soon as possible. We handle last minute cancellations requests on a case-by-case basis. This does not guarantee that your lesson will not be counted against your purchase.

If a makeup lesson is scheduled in place of the missed lesson, it will not replace the missed credit. The missed lesson will be credited from the available credit balance. The makeup lesson will be counted as a separate lesson. 

Referral Policy

For each student referred to Lessons On The Go, one free 30-minute lesson credit will be credited. This will happen upon the preferred lesson’s completion and after payment rendered. There is no limit to a number of referrals a student/client can provide. A family including a new student within the same household is not considered a referral.

Payment & No Risk Lesson Policy

You are welcome to pay for your lesson credits online by checking out via our “Rates” page. You are also welcome to pay over the phone or by check. If you choose to pay by check, you may mail it to 9595 Six Pines Dr. Building 8, Level 2 Ste.8210, The Woodlands, TX 77380. You are also welcome to drop the check off at our office during normal business hours.

We will follow up with you after the first lesson. This is to ensure your teacher is a good fit and to gain lesson feedback. You are welcome to submit payment at that time. If we are unable to reach you within 7 days after the lesson is taught, the credit card on file will be charged.  The lesson will be charged at the single rate for the duration taught to pay the teacher for their time. This also applies if you indicate that the teacher is a good fit but no payment has been collected during the 7-day period after the initial lesson has been taught. By scheduling your initial lesson with Lessons On The Go®, you agree to this policy.

Weekly Lesson Policy

Lessons On The Go offers only weekly lessons. We do not offer lessons bi-monthly or every other week. Our teachers’ schedules are designed to accommodate weekly lessons. Even with extraordinary amounts of practice, students may develop poor habits and are prone to losing the progress made in each lesson. In our experience, lessons taught every other week or bi-monthly do not continue long-term due to disinterest over time by the student.

Our philosophy is if we are not setting up each student for success, we are setting them up to fail. Bi-monthly lessons are a disservice to the student. It creates a situation where teachers are unable to provide the support necessary to foster the optimal learning environment for each student. Scheduling lessons bi-monthly is also a disservice to our teachers. We can only reserve a lesson in their schedule on a weekly basis, even if the lesson was every other week.  It is policy to not offer non-weekly lessons to preserve the best interests of each student and teacher.

Cancelling a lesson every other week to divert the cancellation policy is still considered a violation of this policy. Continued violation of this policy will result in the loss of your lesson slot due to lack of respect of the teacher’s time and schedule.

Lesson Start Time & Length Policy

The lesson timer begins once the teacher sits to begin the lesson. It is the parent’s responsibility for the student is ready and prepared to begin the lesson. If a teacher needs to perform any tuning, maintenance, or repairs to the instrument, if applicable, that time is considered part of the lesson. The lesson timer does not begin after the repairs and maintenance is completed.

Teacher Certification Policy

Many teachers at Lessons On The Go are certified or have certifications in progress to teach in the state of Texas. Teachers are acting the role of a tutor or music teacher are not acting in the role of their certification. This means their role does not replace the role of a current teacher in the classroom or a medical professional.

Some teachers are currently certified or have certifications in progress for the field of music therapy, special needs, crisis intervention, and more. However, these certifications are only a qualification that may potentially influence teaching methods and the way they approach a student’s needs. In no way are you receiving a medical service which could be covered by medical insurance. Lessons On The Go is not responsible for any results or progress which would be gained through specialized services which would be gained from a therapist, medical professional, crisis intervention, or a state-mandated professional. 

Refund Policy

Only lessons purchased at the single lesson rate are refundable. Consequently, packages are only eligible for a refund in very specific cases. Particularly, if the client/student is relocating to an area we do not service. If a client/student attempts to resume lessons with their desired teacher after a break from lessons, the credits left available are not refundable. This includes if the desired teacher is currently booked due to the client/student’s decision to forfeit the original lesson slot or if the slot is no longer viable. Lessons On The Go® reserves the right to deny refund requests at any time.

Lessons On The Go® will make every possible effort to ensure the client/student has a preferred slot with an experienced quality teacher. If the desired teacher is not available, consequently, the client/student will be placed on a waiting list from Lessons On The Go® or provided a new instructor if slots are available. Lessons On The Go® reserves the right to determine a lesson is of good fit.

Lesson credits never expire and may be used for other services offered based on schedule, availability, and hourly rate of service. In the case of relocation, proof of change in residency is required. We will request a copy of a utility bill with new address, lease, or updated driver’s license to prove new residency. This policy is due to gaining a large, upfront discount in a package compared to the single lesson rate.


Theft of Service Policy

We understand lessons come to end due to various reasons. More so, we try to be painstakingly fair with every policy to protect our families and staff. When clients cancel lessons and the package is completed, occasionally, a lesson overage may take place. Lessons On The Go® reserves the right to run the card on file for overages. This is to protect teachers from the theft of service.  However, by agreeing to lessons and placing a card on file at the time of booking, you are agreeing to this policy.

More so, we value our teachers and the time they take to make each student a priority. Due to this commitment each teacher makes for their students, we are obligated to pay them for their time, effort, and commitment to each student. Lessons On The Go® will make every effort to contact the client to resolve the matter in the 7 day period before the card is run. However, should the card be declined, the remaining amount owed will be sent to a third party collections agency.

Theft of service is defined by the Texas Penal Code Sec. 31.04 and can be found here.