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Take your playing past the bedroom and onto the stage by performing in one of our music recitals and many other performance opportunities throughout the year.

Music Lessons for Children and Adult Players

From Beethoven to Aerosmith: How We Teach & The LOTG Philosophy

No one student is the same and neither are our music lessons. Instead of using a “one-size-fits-all” method, we understand that each student is unique and has different interests and goals.

Our music teachers teach songs the student wants to learn while teaching important concepts such as music theory and proper technique. This coupled with the comfort of the student learning in their own home environment is the perfect storm for musical success. That is the heart of the LOTG philosophy.

How It Works

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Give us a call or send us an email and ask us anything. We help parents and students every day with making instrument selections to choosing the right teacher.

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Once you’ve contacted us and are ready to start, we will pair you with an available music teacher who matches your request and schedule your first music lesson.

  1. Pay After You Play, or Not

Payment is only due after your first music lesson and only if you are 100% satisfied. If the teacher is not a good fit, the lesson is on us.

  1. Play & Repeat

After you’ve had your first lesson and you LOVE your teacher, make sure to practice daily to improve those mad skills!

Recommended Minimum Age to Start Music Lessons

The minimum age recommended to start music lessons depends on the instrument. For younger students (ages 4-6), we recommend starting with piano if there is no prior musical experience.

Piano is a great foundational instrument that is the perfect introduction to music theory, rhythm, pitch training and much more to a younger student. Once a student becomes a proficient piano player, transitioning to another instrument is a much easier process.

Use the guide below to help you decide what the best instrument is for your child when considering music lessons. If you still have questions, give us a call at (281) 401-9580 and we would be happy to help!

Best Age to Start Music Lessons

Guitar Lessons (6+yrs. Old)

Learning guitar can be stressful on a child’s fingers and ultimately become frustrating. This is especially true for younger children.

When it comes to fine motor skills, finger strength and flexibility, we’ve found it’s best to start guitar at age 6 at the very minimum. If a student younger than 6 wants to play guitar badly, we recommend starting with ukulele as a much easier alternative.

Piano/keyboard lessons (+4 yrs. old)

Piano lessons are a wonderful option for young students wanting to begin music lessons! Students are able to start at an early age because playing the piano consists of pressing down keys easily with minimal strength. This makes learning songs a fun and exciting experience!

Voice Lessons (11-12+yrs. Old)

The minimum age we recommend a student start voice lessons is around 11-12 years old. A voice lesson which focuses strictly on technique can be very challenging on younger vocal chords that have not yet developed. Students who usually gain the most out of private voice lessons are going through or have fully gone through puberty.

Bass Lessons (8+yrs. Old)

Electric bass strings are very thick. Because of the string thickness, students will need greater finger and hand strength to press each string to the fret board to create clear and sustained notes.

Drum Lessons (5+yrs. Old)

We recommend drum lessons for interested students ages 5 and up. Drums is a great introductory instrument when it comes to learning rhythm and timing. For younger students (5 and 6 years old), we recommend starting with a small practice pad or single drum and eventually moving up to a full set of drums if desired.

Violin Lessons (6+yrs. Old)

Violins come in four sizes; 1/4 (quarter size), 1/2 (half size), 3/4 (three quarter size), and 4/4 (full size). The size is based on the student’s arm length and any qualified string instrument provider will be able to measure your child quickly and accurately on site. They will also ensure that size is comfortable for the student. Due to the fine motor skills needed to learn how to play the violin, we recommend starting at the minimum age of 6.

Cello Lessons (8+yrs. Old)

Students beginning cello lessons will need to ensure they are properly sized for their instrument. Cellos also come in four sizes (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 4/4 sizes). When measured, the cello size is based on the student’s arm length and ability to sit with the cello sitting comfortably against their shoulder at the correct height and between the student’s knees. Cello strings are much thicker than violin strings, also requiring the student to have more hand and finger strength to press strings to the finger board. A student can start cello younger than 8, however, due to the fine motor skills needed to learn the instrument, we recommend starting no younger than 8 yrs. old for the best experience.

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