Summer music lessons

Advantages of Summer Music Lessons & How to Get Ahead

Advantages of Summer Music Lessons Plus 10 Ways to Practice on Vacation! We cannot stress this statement enough…summer is the BEST TIME for taking music lessons than any other time of year. With the kiddos out of school and all that extra time on their hands, why not use those hands for taking up an
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5 Guitar Tips For Beginners

5 Guitar Tips For Beginners     Beginners often come to me looking for secrets to improving quickly, but the reality is, there aren’t any. There are, however, a few things players can do to make sure they stay on track and get the most out of their formative years. Here, I will go over
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Top 5 Guitars For a Beginner Guitarist

 Top 5 Guitars for the Beginner Guitarist  Because the beginner guitarist should have quality and style without spending a fortune. Guitar lessons are one of the most popular types of music lessons for learners of all ages. Many people pick up enough to play a popular song, but to really develop you or your child’s
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