5 Ways to Support Beginning Music Lessons

5 Ways To Support Your Child in Beginning Music Lessons without making them resent it. One of the most asked questions we receive is how parents can best support their child in beginning music lessons. Through years of teaching and managing hundreds of students, we have encountered every possible situation and learning style. The sad
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The Best Keyboards of 2017

The Best Keyboards of 2017 from beginners to the advanced player! Finding the right keyboard can be a long process, especially on the internet. We created a list of great options for beginners just starting out to the player wanting something more robust. Wondering if you need to have a full, upright piano to progress?
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What Do Beginner Students Need?

Piano vs. Keyboard What Do Beginner Students Need? Should I Buy a Piano? Perhaps you are considering starting piano lessons for a beginner student, child, or even yourself. The big question is should you start with a full wooden piano or a plastic, electric keyboard. The good news is there is no wrong answer. There
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10 Easy Songs for Piano

10 Easy Piano Songs Anyone Can Play [Infographic]

10 Easy Piano Songs Anyone Can Play [Infographic] Learn how to play these hit songs in under 5 minutes! Do you have artists like Adele, Twenty One Pilots, or Imagine Dragons on your playlist? If you’ve taken piano lessons or are a complete beginner, these hit songs are easy to learn. With a little effort,
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The Best Beginner Keyboards of 2016

The Best Beginner Keyboards of 2016 for piano lessons for beginners! The first step in starting piano lessons for beginners is the piano! Parents often assume students need a professional upright piano or a baby grand. 90% percent of our piano students take weekly in-home lessons on a 61-key keyboard. A student can progress the
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