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What Do Beginner Students Need?

Piano vs. Keyboard What Do Beginner Students Need? Should I Buy a Piano? Perhaps you are considering starting piano lessons for a beginner student, child, or even yourself. The big question is should you start with a full wooden piano or a plastic, electric keyboard. The good news is there is no wrong answer. There
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The Best Keyboards of 2015

The Best Keyboards of 2015 for piano lessons & beginners! The first step in starting piano lessons for beginners is the piano! Parents often assume students need a professional upright piano or a baby grand. But what is the best option for beginning students? 90% percent of our piano students take weekly in-home lessons on a
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Apply To Work For A Music Lesson Company!

Love Playing Music? Teach music lessons with an established lesson company! Lessons On The Go is seeking charismatic individuals with a passion for music. As a fast growing company offering in-home lessons to students in their homes, we have positions and openings to offer lessons in instruments such as piano, guitar, violin, cello, viola, and
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Top 5 Guitars For a Beginner Guitarist

 Top 5 Guitars for the Beginner Guitarist  Because the beginner guitarist should have quality and style without spending a fortune. Guitar lessons are one of the most popular types of music lessons for learners of all ages. Many people pick up enough to play a popular song, but to really develop you or your child’s
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What supplies do we need for a music lesson?

What supplies do we need for our music lesson? A simple guide for finding the right supplies for each instrument. What supplies each student will need for his or her lesson will depend on the instrument they are taking lessons. Each instrument has specific needs and items to ensure each lesson will go smoothly. Students
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