Advantages of Summer Music Lessons

Plus 10 Ways to Practice on Vacation!

Summer music lessons

We cannot stress this statement enough…summer is the BEST TIME for taking music lessons than any other time of year.

With the kiddos out of school and all that extra time on their hands, why not use those hands for taking up an instrument or becoming musical wizards on the instrument they already play?!

Plus, private music teachers tend to have a lot more flexibility during the summer making it easy to schedule around summer vacations and other activities.

Below, check out our list of important advantages to taking music lessons during the summer.

If you or your child are already taking lessons, check out our guide further down on how to practice any instrument while on vacation. It sounds crazy, but it’s extremely easy to do and super fun!

Advantages of Taking Music Lessons During Summer

  1. More schedule flexibility– With school out, it becomes much easier to fit music lessons into your weekly schedule. Many teachers will also have more availability due to some of their current student base taking a break for the summer.
  2. More time to practice– Not having homework and projects to turn in leaves extra time on the table for practicing and enjoyment of playing an instrument. Also, if a student didn’t have much time to practice the prior semester, summer is a great time to catch up.
  3. No backsliding– Every year we have a certain amount of families who take a complete break from music lessons over the summer. It makes us sad because many parents don’t fully understand the progress and momentum their child is losing from taking almost a 3-month break. Continuing music lessons through the summer ensures a student won’t lose what they’ve already gained.
  4. Additional lessons– Summer is a great time to double up on lessons and take advantage of that extra time. Without having school and other activities in the way, a student can direct more attention to learning music.

Music lessons in your home are extremely easy to work into your summer schedule. Even if you’ll be out of town for extended periods of time, fitting some lessons in where you can is better than none at all, especially if you have already been learning an instrument.

Below are some ways you or your child can enjoy your instrument even while on vacation!

10 Ways to Practice Any Instrument While on Vacation

Don’t let summer travel plans stop the progress! There are some great ways to practice and keep those skills up even when you are out of town. Check out some cool resources and ideas we put together below by instrument.

For Piano Players

1. A Portable Keyboard with a Twist

Here’s a thought…why not take the piano with you? Or at least the roll up, super compact, portable electronic kind.

Imagine rolling this baby out after a long day of adventure to wind down and play a little music for the family or just yourself.

We recommend this one which can be found on Amazon as the best option. There are other smaller versions out there, but this should give you a good starting point.

2. Flash Cards for Long Trips

Have a long car ride or flight coming up? Why not practice those sight-reading skills with the use of musical flashcards!

A good beginner set can be found here . Also, more detailed flash cards can be found here & here for students who have been taking lessons a little longer.

Additionally, we recommend you ask your teacher for recommendations as well. Your teacher will be a great resource and may even be able to make suggestions and help put together a creative plan for you to keep up with your piano progress while away.

For Guitar Players

3. A New Travel Companion

Ever prepare for a trip only to realize there’s no room for your guitar? Have no fear, we have the perfect solution.

The company Traveler Guitar makes the best, most portable, car and airplane friendly travel guitar on the planet as far as we are concerned.

You can tune it, plug it in, and even set it up like a real, full sized guitar! We’ve tried it, tested it, and even some of our staff own their own Traveler Guitars! You can find it on Amazon here  

Also, check out this video of this bad boy in action.  If acoustic is not your thing, they also have electric and nylon string versions as well at It won’t be the cheapest option, but it is definitely worth it if you are a serious player.

If you are looking for a slightly more affordable alternative, check out the Martin Backpacker Acoustic at Sam Ash.

4.  A Mini Guitar!…Sort of

Ever think about picking up the ukulele? We know… it’s not a guitar, but it’s a great alternative that’s a lot more affordable than you might think. Plus, they’re extremely portable and airplane friendly.

We recommend this ukulele made by the Hawaiin based company Lanikai. The Kala brand of ukuleles is a good option as well in case you want some options to choose from.

5. A Guitar Neck (Seriously, it’s just the neck)

If you are looking for something a little more budget friendly, we recommend the Ohuhu Pocket Guitar to keep those fingers moving. It may not make sound like the travel guitars, but at just $13.95 on Amazon as of 05/02/18, it’s a great way to practice your chords, scales, exercises and more on the go.

6. The best workout device for musical gains

We also recommend a finger trainer whether you use it by itself or in conjunction with one of the above recommendations. A finger trainer will strengthen your fingers and give you greater dexterity. It’s great to have when you’re away from your guitar or just want to build strength in general. We recommend the one from D’Addario found here.

For Drummers

7. The Practice Pad from Heaven

Perhaps drummers have it easiest when it comes to practicing while on the go. All you need is a pair of sticks and a small practice pad and you are all set.

We HIGHLY recommend the Drumeo P4 practice pad by world renowned drummer Pat Petrillo. It’s the only practice pad on the market that simulates the feel of a real drum set and it won’t break the bank.

For Violin Players

8. More Flashcards!

Violins are small enough to where bringing it with you on your adventure may be an option. If it’s not, we recommend the use of flashcards such as these.

9. Keeping Time

You can also practice your rhythm by having someone else clap a rhythm and then you match it right after.

For Vocalists

10. Practice Makes Perfect!

Your voice being an instrument means that thankfully your instrument will go wherever you go. However, you may still want to practice your scales, matching pitch and more.

For this, we recommend the roll up, portable keyboard we mentioned above under “Piano Players” or try a piano app for your Apple or Android device.


Didn’t see your instrument listed? Give us a call or shoot us an email at can also fill out our contact form) and we will be happy to help give you some suggestions based on your instrument and upcoming travel plans.


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